Supply of energy and environmental vectors


We manage the
energy distribution network
for your convenience

We are with you at every stage of your energy transformation

Managing a company's own power network involves considerable financial and operational resources. It requires constant maintenance and administrative and legal support.
Our services for taking over these tasks will not only relieve the burden on your company, but also provide immediate savings.


We have been effectively reducing the energy costs of our Customers for many years.


We undertake the operation and maintenance of our customers' energy facilities taking advantage of highly qualified specialists and using the most advanced tools and systems.
We offer transmission services, ensuring their economic and technological implementation.

  • Operation and supply of energy vectors.
  • Predictive, preventive, maintenance-related and legal support.
  • Proposals for improvements in maintenance management along with technical audits and implementation of the latest technology.

Energy management

  • We take care of energy facilities and the financing of projects aimed at maximising energy efficiency.
  • We employ tools that enable us to monitor energy consumption and deal with anomalies. At the same time, they allow us to support and manage processes remotely, which optimises the maintenance of the facilities and ensures trouble-free functionality.

Engineering and construction

Our highly qualified team of specialists, together with our comprehensive engineering solutions for the design, construction and commissioning of energy facilities, give us full confidence of achieving the expected savings.

We offer safer, more reliable and more efficient electricity distribution services.

Energy consultancy

  • At Edison Next Poland, we provide a complete energy audit service so companies can improve their efficiency.
  • We show you how to consume and deal with electricity in a more efficient way.

We take care of your
power stations

Transformers and low-, medium- and high-voltage switchgear have no secrets from us. What's more, under our supervision, you can be confident that the equipment is maintained properly and runs at peak efficiency.

The ever-changing energy law causes a lot of problems and ambiguity regarding the proper management and documentation of business activities.
Let us take care of it!
Our legal office together with a team of lawyers will guarantee that all activities are compliant with applicable provisions.


We offer electricity
at competitive prices
to all our customers.


We heat your facilities
and supply
process heating


process steam, process hot water

social heating

management of heating sources, substations and networks

Technological heat


The fuel that we offer to our ustomers
is the gas with the highest caloric value. 

It is used both in households
and in a range of technological processes.

EDISON NEXT Poland takes care of all the aspects of the supply of high-methane natural gas. From the distribution to the sale to the quality and caloric value of the fuel supplied.

By using gas:

  • You generate low levels of exhaust fumes compared to other fossil fuels
  • You benefit from the convenience and cleanliness of this fuel
  • You get a highly caloric fuel
  • Universally applicable in industry as well as for heating plants and households



We design, build and maintain compressed air systems.
Plan the construction of a compressor room with us.
Basing on our experience, we select the right equipment and pressure for you. Next, we take care of the correct operation of the system, we perform all necessary maintenance works and react in case of a failure.



We take care of wastewater
and rainwater

We supply water tailored
to the needs of your business


The green services we provide allow you to focus on developing your core business.
We supply a wide range of waters used in different areas of your business, and we also take care of the collection and neutralisation of wastewater.