About us

EDISON NEXT Poland is a company offering energy and environmental services aimed at reducing our clients' operating costs through the modernisation of existing networks, strategic investments, centralised engineering tasks and administrative and legal services. We act as an expert in energy efficiency and environmental services for industry. We offer a full range of integrated and customised solutions to achieve energy savings and sustainability.

EDISON NEXT Poland has evolved from the merger between FENICE Poland and the international EDISON NEXT Group, which is an integral part of the French energy giant EDF, active on four continents and in over twenty countries. As a leading player in the energy market, EDF is active in all areas, from nuclear generation to transmission investments, to competitive energy efficiency solutions that help ensure economic development and environmental protection.

Scope of activities

The EDISON NEXT Group controls and manages assets at more than 60 industrial sites in Europe. It diagnoses, designs, finances , establishes, owns, maintains and optimises energy and environmental assets and customer networks to reduce their costs.


Is present in over
60 industrial areas

Operates 2100 public
and industrial facilities

Employs over
3500 people

The benefits of working with us:

A long-term reduction of the costs of supply of energy and environmental vectors.

Optimization of the headcount in the non-production business area of the Customer.

Flexibility of operational costs in the energy and environmental area.

Positive cash-flow

Additional benefits like: green energy or energy efficiency

Additional benefits like: green energy or energy efficiency


Supporting customers on the path of ecological transformation, offering them a long-term partnership.
Decarbonisation, zero emissions and development of renewable energy solutions.



At Edison Next, we have established a set of objectives in line with our corporate values. These values are part of our code of ethics and are promoted and implemented by EDF in each of its subsidiaries.

Orientation on the Customer


Development of competences

Employee commitment

Safety in the work environment

Social responsibility


We will help you boost your potential

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We foster creativity, commitment, integrity, reliability and professionalism in all activities of our employees.
The Edison team benefits from the possibility of continuous professional development and improvement of qualifications. If you would like to share your professional talents with us, we invite you to do so here.


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